Sometimes Life Just Stinks

Let's be real and honest, okay? Not everything that happens in your life feels good. Not everything that happens in your life is pleasant. We suffer pain physically, emotionally, financially and yes, even spiritually. Like this bug pictured here, sometimes life just stinks when we are crushed! There are so many times we want to just ask God, "WHY ME???"

But then the answer comes...

And we KNOW that for those who LOVE God all things work together for GOOD, for those who are CALLED according to his PURPOSE. ~Romans 8:28

So, we must take a step back and thank God even for those things and times that just plain stink, because we can know for certain that ALL things (good, bad, happy, sad) are for GOOD (maybe not ours, but maybe for someone else's), because God has a plan and a purpose that He will accomplish through those who are His children (the "called").

So, amen and thank you Jesus for ALL THINGS. You are good and You are God. You are Lord and I am not. May Your will be done on earth and may you accomplish it in and through me.


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