A Solitary Leaf

I have a tendency to look at the "big picture" when shooting nature because that's what a landscape photographer does. However, there is something very special about the uniqueness of the smaller individual subject as well -- in this case, the Maple leaf.

When you think about it, the "big picture" landscape really is composed of a large number of uniquely designed smaller parts fitted together perfectly for their environment. There is tremendous beauty in this location with the tumbling cascades, big rocks and colorful trees, but just as extraordinary is this one exquisitely vibrant leaf.

We should never forget that concept when we look at the crowds that make up the human race. We have a tendency to label and profile certain groups based on where they live, the jobs they work, the language they speak, the color of their skin or hair, the cars they drive, the tattoos they wear, and so on and so on. Yet, these large groups are made up of uniquely created beings with a soul, feelings, a heart, a mind... each formed by and known by God. For that reason alone each person is special -- not perfect, and sometimes even inhumane in their actions -- but still loved by God as much as He loves a Billy Graham, Adrian Rogers or Charles Stanley.

In Psalm 139:14 is written, "I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well."

So, since we are wonderfully made, let's choose to see the person and not the crowd, learn a little more about each man, woman and child we encounter, rejoice in their uniqueness, and prejudge no more. As you do, those around you begin to take on a more precious and beautiful color. And that big picture will begin to be even more special...for you will see through God's lens and not your own.

Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail
Great Smoky Mountains


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