The Overcoming Light

I can't tell you how my heart began to beat wildly as I came upon this scene. As the sun rose in Cades Cove it streamed powerfully and beautifully through the trees, encompassing the Missionary Baptist Church.

The church, God's children, may be light/influence/God's ambassadors in the world, but He is most certainly THE LIGHT that scatters darkness and transforms the hearts of men. Darkness has no power over light. John, the beloved disciple, wrote...

In the beginning, the Word existed. The Word was with God, and the Word was God. He existed in the beginning with God. Through Him all things were made, and apart from Him nothing was made that has been made. In Him was life, and that life brought light to humanity. And the light shines on in the darkness, and the darkness has never put it out. ~John 1:1-5

May the One (Jesus) who has existed from the beginning, who made all things, who is the giver of life, illuminate you with His truth and grace today. Amen!

Cades Cove
Missionary Baptist Church
Great Smoky Mountains National Park


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