Grazing Peacefully While the Barns Crumble

I've lived long enough to have seen a "different America." The one I live in now does not resemble the one I grew up in. It used to be safe to play in my neighborhood. People went to church and practiced their faith openly in the community through acts of love and kindness. It was sinful to show two people in bed together on the television. There was a sense of morality and people loved and served their country with pride. Human life had value. Our heroes wore medals of valor and bravery. Being a mom and dad was a high privilege.

Yes, there were many wrongs that still have not been made completely right, but the Mayberry memories have long since been replaced with a Las Vegas looseness. You can watch the nightly news yourself... I don't have to go into all the decay that has taken place in the last few decades.

Yet, we are grazing peacefully while the barns are crumbling around us. Churches are dissolving. Pornography has exploded. Unborn babies are killed by the millions. Wrong is right and right is wrong. Morals are what we choose rather than what the Bible says. It's not too late to repair our crumbling society. There really is help.

God said, "if My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land." (2 Chronicles 7:14)

It begins with Christians on their knees. Then, God will put those barns back together.


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